the poems

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Joseph Skipsey often amended his poems, so versions in the different collections are not always the same. Even after publication, he sometimes amended the poems in his own copies of the books. In some cases, he also changed the titles (e.g. The Seaton Terrace Lass began life as The Collier Lass).

The poems include some long poems with numbered sections - The Posy Gift, The Magic Glass, The Golden Bowl, Becky Sharp. These are listed under their overall titles, but the sections are also listed separately, with the overall title indicated in brackets afterwards.

Joseph Skipsey's published collections are listed below. The initials on the left indicate how they are referred to in the table below.

Lyrics, by JS, a coal miner. Durham: George Procter (1858) (no copies extant)

L Lyrics, by Joseph Skipsey (2nd edition). Newcastle: Thomas Pigg (1859)

Poems, Songs and Ballads. Newcastle: Hamilton & Co (no copy found) (1862)

CL The Collier Lad and other Songs and Ballads. Newcastle: J G Forster (1864)

P Poems, by Joseph Skipsey. Blyth: William Alder (1871)

ML A Book of Miscellaneous Lyrics, by Joseph Skipsey. Bedlington: George Richardson (1878)

CC Carols from the Coal-Fields; and other songs and ballads. London: Walter Scott (1886)

CSB Carols, Songs and Ballads, by Joseph Skipsey. London: Walter Scott (1888) (a new, slightly revised, edition of Carols from the Coalfields)

SL Songs and Lyrics. London: Walter Scott (1892)

Skipsey's work was also included in anthologies and other publications. Some of these are listed below.

SMP Souvenir of Modern Poets: A collection of original and select poetry by living writers. London: Groombridge & Co (1860)


Adeline P
Adon P
Ah! Canst thou forget? Ah! Canst thou forget the hour we met SL
Alas! Alas! The woe the high of heart CC, CSB, SL
All is vanity From all that I have seen or heard ML, CC
All night-long All night-long I heard the blast SL
All things of beauty seek to draw (Posy-Gift) All things of beauty seek to draw CC, CSB, SL
Angel and the seer, the I have oped the inner vision ML
Angel mother, the I had a vision of the dear departed ML, CC, CSB
Annie Coal black are the tresses of Fanny P, CC, CSB, SL
Annie Lee Annie Lee is fair and sweet P, CC, CSB, SL
Another stave I'll never rave (Posy-Gift) Another stave I'll never rave CC, CSB
Appeal, the CL,
Arachne I read in an old book the myth P, ML, CC, CSB
Assurance, the (Magic Glass) Ah dearest dear, what do I hear? CC, CSB
Away to the fair Away to the fair, my lad did repair P, CC, CSB
Away to the well Away to the well
lilted Annie P, CC, CSB, SL

Baloo Baloo, my sweet baby - the blossom! CC, CSB, SL