Music Education resources: Primary

Descriptive Skills - a summary of activities in which children can use music and sound to create moods and atmospheres, describe feelings and event.

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Musical Storytelling - some ideas for the classroom about using music to illustrate stories, bring out aspects of characters or situations, or to tell stories without words.

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The Gentle Art of Persuasion - some ideas for using sounds and music to illustrate Aesop's fable about the north wind and the sun.

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Clever Sticks - a collection of resources to support whole-class music-making using tuned percussion instruments. The resources have been designed with the following aims:

  • introducing children to tuned percussion instruments and the skills needed to play them

  • promoting an understanding of pitch and the development of melodic skills

  • providing a range of activities which can be undertaken by class teachers who are not music specialists

  • building class teachers' confidence in leading muscal activities

  • providing a large-scale performance opportunity to celebrate children's achievements

The resources consist of thirteen Activity Plans (designed to be completed in one session) and ten Units of Work which would take approximately six weeks.

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Cycle Pieces - easy ensemble pieces, suitable for whole classes or smaller groups.

Cycle 1 Cycle 1 (Bb instruments) Cycle 1 - performance notes