melodic skills

Music Education Resources: Melodic Skills

Using a drone is a very effective way of supporting melodic invention.

Click here for an activity which helps children to improvise their own tunes. This activity is designed for tuned percussion instruments but can be adapted for use with any instrument.

Improvising over 2 chords

Some ideas for developing improvisation skills using a repeating chord pattern. Includes charts for Bb and Eb instruments. Click here to view.

Clever Sticks: whole-class music-making with tuned percussion instruments

This project was devised by myself and Peter Hayward in order to introduce tuned percussion instruments to whole classes of primary children. As such it was a precursor of Wider Opportunities. The resources for the project include Activity Plans, achievable in a single lesson, and Units of Work, which would generally last about half a term.

Click here to view them.