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Anchored. Words by Samuel K Cowan, music by Michael Watson

Published as part of their Music for All series by Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew Ltd, 16 Mortimer Street, London W, and George Newnes Ltd, 8-11 Southampton Street, London WC. As the series title implies, this version has a simplified accompaniment.

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Anchored was published in 25 versions including 3 duets, 2 trios, several piano solos, as a waltz, as a march, and in instrumental settings.

Samuel Kennedy Cowan was a prolific though minor English poet whose work includes Idylls of Ireland, The Murmur of the Shells, The Pet Swan and Other Poems and Verses in Commemoration of the Coming of Age of the Marquis of Devonshire.

William Michael Watson (1840-1889) was an English vocal and instrumental composer, born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He was particularly known for his sea songs.

[Much of the information above is taken from Turner, M & Miall, A. (eds.) (1975) Just a Song at Twilight: the second parlour song book. London, Michael Joseph.]