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Vocal and instrumental music workshops in Charlton

Dementia Carers Greenwich singing workshops

Hackney Community Orchestra


May, ongoing

Feb 25

Hackney Community Orchestra

Workshops on music in the curriculum for Lambeth NQTs


Jan, ongoing

Jan, ongoing

Mar 26

GFMA singing workshops, Charlton

Dementia Carers Greenwich - singing workshops for carers and those they care for

Workshops on music in the curriculum for Lambeth NQTs



Holiday courses for young musicians - Greenwich Music Service - Between 1994 and 2010 I was leader of a wide range of courses for players of any instrument, any level of experience, primary, secondary or both. Courses lasted from 1 day to 5 days, including residential courses. Course programmes included preparing small and large ensemble pieces for performance, improvisation and group composition.

Singing workshops - as well as the sessions I lead in Charlton, I have led vocal workshops in a number of different settings, including Southwell and Shrewsbury Folk Festivals. At Shrewsbury in 2010 over 200 people took part and were invited to join a performance by the Kittiwakes later in the festival. Recently I have started working with Global Fusion Music and Arts, a charity based in Charlton, to help them set up a singing group, which has now been running for a year. I also led a series of singing workshops in primary schools, leading to a performance in November. In December I started a monthly series of singing workshops for a local Dementia Carers' group, working with carers and those with dementia together.

CPD courses, mainly in Greenwich and Lewisham, covering all aspects of the primary and secondary music curriculum, but with a particular emphasis on (a) creative music-making and (b) supporting non-specialist primary teachers.

Some comments from participants on workshops and courses I have led:

Teachers on CPD

  • The course has been excellent, thoroughly enjoyable. I found the practical sessions particularly useful (songwriting, using stories).

  • The course has been really helpful and stimulating, also encouraging to me as a co-ordinator. Thank you very much.

  • I have very much enjoyed the course. I feel that I have had my horizons broadened. I have got a lot out of the activities that I can take back to school to help my staff and develop music in my school. Thank you.

  • Very useful as I haven't done any songwriting before and I will now.

  • I found myself thinking of myself as a Music Co-ordinator rather than as a non-specialist. I now feel confident to inspire children and transfer the "you can" or "I can" to other members of staff. I have taken so much to my class already and want to give more to the whole school. On a personal note, it's made me realise that everyone has a musical side and it's up to teachers to really aim to give children a chance.

  • I found the whole course really inspiring and useful. It has given me a lot more confidence in my own ability to act as a Music Co-ordinator although I am not a music specialist.

  • Thank you for a very interesting and inspiring course.

  • Playing by ear and improvisation gave good ideas for activities within the classroom.

  • The course helped to build our confidence - encouraging everyone to 'go for it' without feeling inhibited or embarrassed.

  • The session succeeded in promoting enjoyment and a willingness to experiment.

  • Improvisation - has given me confidence to initiate it, but more important, I now appreciate its value.

  • I thought this module was very well taught in every way - enthusiasm from the lecturer, great hand-outs and very interesting material.

Teachers on projects for children

  • It has given the children pride and confidence - confidence in using instruments and performing; self-esteem, motivation

  • The children are more confident in a public situation - their performance has been appreciated by outside agencies and parents

  • I have learnt how much can be achieved in a short space of time; and that music doesn't have to be difficult to teach

  • The way all the schools came together on the evening was absolutely fantastic.

  • It has done wonders for the children's self-esteem

  • The inclusive nature of the project is a great strength - every child in the Year 6 class participated. They felt tremendous pride in their performance, they felt part of a team, they had fun and learnt a great deal.

  • It is a really inclusive project which boosts the confidence and aspirations of a wide group of children, increases the status of music and promotes a 'can do' culture.

  • This project involves every child in active music-making - more, more, more!

  • The arts are a key way of interpreting human experience and participating and performing in this way is a fantastic boost to students' self-esteem and to their understanding of the event [Black History Month] itself.

  • It was a superb evening and great to see the skills of so many children being brought to the attention of parents, children and staff ... I think the evening was enhanced and made more powerful by being rooted in the community.

  • We had a similar event in [my old authority] but it became very competitive ... This is not true with your concerts, teachers seem more than happy to congratulate others and encourage ALL students in the borough to reach their potential. This is transmitted to the students. The wish to see others succeed I believe should be the true ethos of school music and I am grateful that you have encouraged this.

  • Thank you for a wonderful evening. It did more than you can imagine for my boys, they are still celebrating their success and are now preparing further songs with great enthusiasm.

    • [The children] had a wonderful time. Atmosphere was excellent - thoroughly enjoyable for all.

    • All the children loved performing and the families felt very proud. it is also a great occasion for schools to get together. Thank you - it is a lovely tradition to keep going.

    • The children adore the event. Some look forward to it all year.

Children and young people on projects in schools and holiday courses

  • It was great fun and I learnt a lot about playing instruments

  • It was a brilliant success and I really really enjoyed it

  • It’s good and excellent, the best music ever

  • It was fun because old and young can learn how to play different instruments

  • I had a great time and I hope we do this again

  • I enjoyed it - I want a xylophone of my own!

  • The performance was magnificent!

  • I found it a bit nerve-racking but I tried my best and I really enjoyed it

  • The project was wicked!

  • It was really fun and I wish I could do it again

  • It was a brilliant project and I think it should be done more often

  • I really, really, really enjoyed the concert and would be happy if we could do it again in Year 6

  • It was fantastic!!!!!! I loved all of it!!!

  • I would love to do it again because it made me happy

  • Thank you for giving us a chance and we did it.

  • I think [the music we have composed] is excellent and it makes me feel happy

  • I think that [our composition] is different, original but funky all at the same time. It sounds really excellent.