clever sticks

Clever Sticks

This project was devised by myself and Peter Hayward in order to introduce tuned percussion instruments to whole classes of primary children. As such it was a precursor of Wider Opportunities.

The resources were designed with the following aims:

  • introducing children to tuned percussion instruments and the skills needed to play them

  • promoting an understanding of pitch and the development of melodic skills

  • providing a range of activities which can be undertaken by class teachers who are not music specialists

  • building class teachers' confidence in leading musical activities

  • providing a large-scale performance opportunity to celebrate children's achievements

The original project took place in ten primary schools in the South Greenwich Education Action Zone. Workshops with children were backed up by CPD for all the teachers. The project culminated in a performance involving one class from each school (between 200 and 300 children). Each class performed its own composition, and there were three pieces performed by the whole group together. The success of this event led to it being repeated for several years.

The resources for the project include Activity Plans, achievable in a single lesson, and Units of Work, which would generally last about half a term. All are designed to be used by primary teachers, whatever their level of musical experience or expertise.

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