Past events and performances 
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 Jun 30 SE7 at Cattleya
 Jun 28 Morrigan at Mycenae House (supporting Chris Wood)
 Jun 21 Hackney Community Orchestra performance, St Barnabas Church, Homerton (Make Music Day)
 Jun 15 SE7 performing for St Richard's Day celebration, St Richard's Hall
 Jun 14 Incidental music for Midsummer Night's Dream, Thamesmead (solo)
 Jun 5 Folk Choir workshop at Leith Hill Place, led by Morrigan
 Jun 2 GFMA Blues Night with Greenwich Blues Band (ev)
 Jun 2  SE7 playing at CCRA Big Lunch (pm)
 May 31     GFMA Singers at Africa Night, Mycenae House
 May 17 Hope Augustus, Bexleyheath
 May 16 GFMA Singers at Poetry Night, Woolwich
 May 12 Morrigan, St Christopher's Hospice, Penge (pm)
 May 8 Folk Choir workshop at Leith Hill Place, led by Morrigan
 May 5 GFMA Blues Night with Greenwich Blues Band (ev)
 May 5 Morrigan at Rochester Sweeps Festival (pm)
 May 4 Hackney Community Orchestra performance, Dalston (ev)
 May 4 Morrigan at Rochester Sweeps Festival (pm)
 May 4 solo performance at Ladywell Folk Festival (am)
 April 26 GFMA St George's Day Ceilidh
 April 10 Folk Choir workshop at Leith Hill Place, led by Morrigan
 April 7 GFMA Blues Night with Greenwich Blues Band & Hope Augustus
 April 6 Cattleya launch (pm) with SE7 
 April 2 CCRA Spring Social, performances by SE7 & CCRA Singers
 Mar 15 GFMA St Patrick's Night ceilidh, Mycenae House
 Mar 3 Greenwich Blues Band at Earl of Chatham, Woolwich
 Feb 23 Morrigan at Loughton Folk Club
 Feb 17 SE7 at Cattleya
 Jan 19 New Hartley Memorial Concert, including a performance of The Hartley Calamity
 Jan 13 Morrigan: East Greenwich Wassail


 Dec 21 GFMA Christmas Party, featuring Morrigan, Greenwich Blues Band, GFMA Singers
 Dec 20 Morrigan at Hever Castle (ev)
 Dec 20 Morrigan at Polesden Lacy (daytime)
 Dec 18    SE7 at Cattleya, Charlton
 Dec 17 CCRA Carol Singing
 Dec 14 Morrigan at Hever Castle (ev)
 Dec 13 Hackney Community Orchestra performance, CLR James Library, Dalston
 Dec 10 CCRA Carol Singing
 Dec 9 Morrigan on Radio Kent (ev)
 Dec 9 Morrigan: Leith Hill PLace (pm)
 Dec 8 CCRA Christmas Social, with CCRA Singers and SE7
 Dec 7 Morrigan: Deal Folk Club
 Dec 2 Greenwich Blues Band: Woolwich (ev)
 Dec 2 Morrigan: Dickens Festival, Rochester (pm)
 Dec 1 Morrigan: Ightham Moat
 Nov 25 Ceilidh with Hoolie, Mitcham (caller)
 Nov 17 The Canaries (matinee & evening) (MD & incidental music)
 Nov 16 Solo performance: Shanties & Sea Songs, Mycenae House (ev)
 Nov 16 The Canaries (matinee) (MD & incidental music)
 Nov 10 -11 Morrigan: Fete du Hareng Roi, Etaples
 Nov 9 GFMA Singers & children: First World War commemorations, Woolwich Library
 Nov 9    GFMA presentation, First World War commemorative wreath laying, Woolwich Town Hall
 Nov 8 Morrigan: Kemsing Folk Club
 Nov 5  Morrigan: Brandenburg Fringe Festival
 Nov 4 Greenwich Blues Band: Woolwich
 Oct 20 Muscadin ceilidh, Camberwell
 Oct 12 GFMA Singers, Charlton House
 Oct 7 Morrigan, guests at final singaround, Tenterden Folk Festival
 Oct 5 Morrigan, Ceilidh, Tenterden Folk Festival
 Oct 4    Morrigan, bandstand, Ashford
 Oct 2 Morrigan, Great Bookham
 Sep 29 Morrigan at Box Hill
 Sep 15 Hackney Community Orchestra at New River Festival
 Sep 12 Morrigan workshop at Leith Hill Place
 Sep 6 Morrigan at 'Folk at the Drum'
 Aug 26 Morrigan at Leith Hill Place
 July 27 GFMA Ceilidh, hosted by Morrigan, Mycenae House
 June 24 Morrigan at Union Chapel (ev)
 June 24 Morrigan at Leith Hill Place (pm)
 June 21 Hackney Community Orchestra performance, Dalston
 June 10 SE7 at Cattleya, Charlton
 June 9 Greenwich Blues Band, Woolwich
 May 31 Morrigan at Leith Hill Place (private view)
 May 19 Singing session at the Stables, Charlton
 May 18 Music for GFMA play: When the Chips are Down
 May 12 Muscadin Ceilidh, Winchelsea
 May 6 Greenwich Blues Band, Woolwich
 May 6/7 Morrigan at Sweeps Festival, Rochester
 May 2 Morrigan - Vaughan Williams workshop / performance, Leith Hill Place
 Apr 27 Morrigan at Memorial Concert, Tenterden
 Apr 23 Morrigan at Brandenburg Fringe Festival
 Apr 22 SE7 at Cattleya
 Apr 20 Solo performance at GFMA St George's Day evening
 Apr 8 Greenwich Blues Band, Earl of Chatham, Woolwich
 Apr 6 GFMA tribute to Martin Luther King
 Mar 19 University of Greenwich Ceilidh with Muscadin and SE7
 Mar 17 GFMA St Patrick's Night ceilidh with Muscadin & SE7
 Mar 10 CCRA Family Ceilidh with SE7
 Mar 4 Greenwich Blues Band, Earl of Chatham, Woolwich
 Feb 21 Morrigan at Faversham Folk Club
 Feb 16 Morrigan at Court Sessions Folk Club
 Feb 4  Greenwich Blues Band, Earl of Chatham, Woolwich
 Jan 26 GFMA Burns Night Special: ceilidh - compering, calling, singing, playing
 Jan 25 Burns Night Ceilidh, calling for Hoolie
 Jan 13 Solo performance at New Hartley Memorial Concert
 Jan 7 Morrigan at Cheam Folk Club
 Jan 7 Morrigan at East Greenwich Pleasaunce Wassail

 Dec 20 GFMA Christmas Party, ft Greenwich Blues Band and a solo spot from me
 Dec 18  Muscadin ceilidh at Imperial College
 Dec 18 Morrigan at Polesden Lacey
 Dec 17 SE7 at Cattleya
 Dec 17 Morrigan at Ightham Mote
 Dec15-16 GFMA Pantomime, Assembly Rooms, Charlton
 Dec 14Charlton Triangle Christmas Carols (accompanist)
 Dec 10 Morrigan at Hever Castle
 Dec 9 CCRA Christmas Social, with performances from SE7 & CCRA Singers
 Dec 8  Morrigan at Leith Hill Place
 Dec 7 Hackney Community Orchestra, informal concert
 Dec 3 Greenwich Blues Band, Earl of Chatham, Woolwich
 Dec 3  Morrigan at Dickens Festival, Rochester
 Dec 1 GFMA Wassail Night, Mycenae House, with Martin Carthy & Morrigan
 Nov 24 GFMA Ceilidh & Acoustic Night, Mycenae House, hosted by Morrigan
 Nov 19 SE7 at Cattleya
 Nov 11-12 Morrigan at Fete Hareng Roi, Etaples
 Nov 5 Greenwich Blues Band, Earl of Chatham, Woolwich
 Oct 27 GFMA Ceilidh & Acoustic Night, Mycenae House, hosted by Morrigan
 Oct 22 SE7 at Cattleya, Charlton
 Oct 15 Morrigan at Tap House (2-4pm), Lancaster (Lancaster Music Festival)
 Oct 14 Morrigan at Ashton Memorial, Williamson Park (3.30-5.30) and Diggles (5-7) (Lancaster Music Festival)
 Oct 8 Morrigan: Saddlery Folk Club, Tenterden and Caxton final singaround (Tenterden Folk Festival)
 Oct 7 Morrigan workshop: Songs of Vaughan WIlliams (Tenterden Folk festival)
 Oct 6 Morrigan presentation: Songs of Vaughan Williams (Tenterden Folk Festival)
 Oct 5 Morrigan: Acoustic Concert, The Saddlery (Tenterden Folk Festival)
 Oct 3 Morrigan at Brandenburg Fringe
 Oct 1 Greenwich Blues Band, Earl of Chatham, Woolwich
 Sep 25 Solo performance at the Bridge Folk Club, Newcastle
 Sep 23 Muscadin Ceilidh, Ladywell
 Sep 17 SE7 at Cattleya
 Sep 15 CCRA 10th Anniversary reception - performances from SE7 and CCRA Singers
 Jul 30  GFMA Blues Night, Woolwich, featuring Greenwich Blues Band
 Jul 28  GFMA International Music & Dance Night, hosted by Morrigan, with special guest: Cheng Yu 
 Jul 23 Greenwich Blues Band at GFMA Community Day, Charlton Park
 Jul 23 Solo performance at GFMA Community Day, Charlton Parkj
 Jul 7  Morrigan at Leith Hill Place (pm & ev)
 Jun 30 GFMA International Music & Dance Night, hosted by Morrigan, special guests: Black Briar
 Jun 25 GFMA Blues Night with Greenwich Blues Band - Guard House, Woolwich (ev)
 Jun 25 Morrigan: Golders Hill Bandstand (pm)
 Jun 24 Greenwich Blues Band at RBG Great Get-Together
 Jun 18 SE7 at Cattleya, 7.30-10.00
 Jun 18 SE7 playing at CCRA Big Lunch, Charlton Park (12.30-4.00)
 Jun 3 Caller for Ceilidh with Hoolie, Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich
 May 26 GFMA International Music & Dance Night, hosted by Morrigan with special guest: John Sloman
 May 13 Carols from the Coalfields at the News From Nowhere Club
 May 12 Morrigan at Leith Hill Place (Vaughan Williams folk songs)
 May 1 Morrigan at Rochester Sweeps Festival
 Apr 30 Morrigan at Rochester Sweeps Festival
 Apr 28 GFMA evening with special guest Martin Simpson; launch of new Morrigan album 'Dark Days or Fine'
 Apr 27 CCRA Spring Social, with performances from CCRA Singers and SE7
 Apr 23 Morrigan guests at Croydon Folk & Blues Club (St George's Day event)
 Apr 16 Morrigan at Tall Ships Festival, Artillery Square, Woolwich Arsenal
 Apr 15 Solo performance of sea songs at Tall Ships Festival, Cutty Sark Gardens
 Apr 13 GFMA Easter Ceilidh, led by Morrigan
 Mar 31 GFMA International Music & Dance Night, hosted by Morrigan, with guests: Scolds Bridle 
 Mar 19 SE7 at Cattleya, Charlton
 Mar 8  Morrigan in Brandenburg Fringe Festival, Cheshire Cheese pub
 Mar 5 Morrigan extended spot at Cheam Folk Club
 Feb 26 SE7 playing at Cattleya
 Feb 25 CCRA Family Ceilidh, with SE7
 Feb 12 Carols from the Coalfields at Free as a Bard, Whitley Bay
 Jan 29 SE7 at Cattleya
 Jan 27  GFMA International Music & Dance Night, hosted by Morrigan, including the launch of my latest CD: The Banks of the Deveron
 Jan 19 Morrigan at Blue Anchor, Byfleet
 Jan 14 Hartley Memorial Concert, including a performance of The Hartley Calamity and some other Skipsey songs
 Jan 8 Morrigan at East Greenwich Pleasaunce Wassail
 Jan 4 Morrigan at Man of Kent, Rochester
 Jan 2  Carols from the Coalfields at Tonbridge Folk Club
 Dec 20 Muscadin Carol Singing
 Dec 19 CCRA Carol Singing
 Dec 15 Morrigan at Orpington Folk Club
 Dec 14 GFMA Christmas Ceilidh, led by Morrigan (ev)
 Dec 14 Charlton Triangle Carol Concert (accompanist) (pm)
 Dec 13 CCRA Singers carol singing, Charlton (ev)
 Dec 13 Morrigan at Polesden Lacey (pm)
 Dec 12 Muscadin ceilidh at ICL
 Dec 11   SE7 at Cattleya
 Dec 10 CCRA Christmas Social, with performances from SE7 and CCRA Singers
 Dec 9 GFMA Wassail Night, Charlton House, featuring Morrigan
 Dec 4 Morrigan on Radio Kent Folk Programme (ev)
 Dec 4 Morrigan at Dickens Festival, Rochester (pm) 
 Dec 2 Morrigan at Leith Hill Place
 Nov 25 GFMA International Music & Dance Night, Mycenae House, hosted by Morrigan
 Nov 20 SE7 at Cattleya
 Nov 12 All About the Boys - play by Robert Fanshawe about World War 1; Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury, with incidental music from myself
 Nov 4  GFMA Retrospective - Private View with performances from GFMA artists including myself and Ros & me representing Morrigan
 Oct 28 GFMA International Music & Dance Night, Mycenae House, hosted by Morrigan
 Oct 23 SE7 at Cattleya
 Oct 20 The Romance of the Bicycle - presentation on the work of Joseph Skipsey father & son, at the Lit & Phil, Newcastle, as part of the Newcastle Photography Festival
 Oct 17    Skipsey songs - extended floorspots at Bridge Folk Club
 Oct 14 Morrigan at Lancaster Music Festival: two performances - The Borough 6 -8; The Tap House 9 - 11
 Oct 12 Morrigan in Brandenburg Fringe Festival, Cheshire Cheese, Little Essex Street, London
 Oct 8  Muscadin ceilidh, Balham
 Oct 6 Muscadin ceilidh, Imperial College
 Oct 2 Tenterden Folk Festival: Morrigan guests at Saddlery Folk Club and final Singaround
 Oct 1 Morrigan on Free Stage at Tenterden Folk Festival
 Sep30 Morrigan at Tenterden Folk Festival, guest slot
 Sep 25 SE7 at Cattleya
 Sep 23 Launch of Carols from the Coalfields, CD3 at GFMA International Day of Peace Event headlined by Martin Carthy
 Sep 11 Hackney Community Orchestra at Hackney One Carnival
 Jul 29 GFMA International Music & Dance Night, Mycenae House, hosted by Morrigan
 Jul 23 Morrigan at GFMA Community Day, Charlton Park
 Jun 26 Morrigan at Twickfolk
 Jun 24 GFMA International Music & Dance Night, Mycenae House, hosted byMorrigan
 Jun 22 Morrigan at The Man of Kent, Rochester
 Jun 18 Morrigan at GFMA community day, Woolwich
 Jun 14 Crouch End Festival: Carols from the Coalfields and Morrigan
 Jun 12    SE7 at Cattleya
 Jun 5 Members of SE7 at CCRA Big Lunch, Charlton House
 May 27 GFMA International Music & Dance Night, Mycenae House, hosted by Morrigan, also featuring GFMA & CCRA singers
 May 21 Muscadin ceilidh, Highgate
 May 15 SE7 at Cattleya
 May 5 Morrigan at Blue Anchor, Byfleet
 May 1 Morrigan on Radio Kent Folk Programme
 May 1  Morrigan at Rochester Sweeps' Festival
 Apr 29 GFMA International Music & Dance Evening, hosted by Morrigan
 Apr 28 Morrigan at Loughton Folk Club
 Apr 25 CCRA Spring Social, with performances from CCRA Singers and SE7
 Apr 21 Morrigan at Brandenburg Fringe Festival
 Apr 23 GFMA St George's Day event, with Morrigan and a Skipsey song from me 
 Mar 25 GFMA Ceilidh with Morrigan
 Mar 20 SE7 at Cattleya
 Mar 11 Muscadin ceilidh in Winchelsea, for the Mayoress's charity.
 Feb 27 SE7 playing for CCRA Ceilidh, also featuring performance by CCRA Singers
 Feb 25 Guesting with Little Beach, Horn Fair Folk Club
 Feb 11 Members of SE7 performing jazz & world music set (charity event)
 Feb 10 Morrigan at Faversham Folk Club
 Feb 6 Performing with Little Beach at Mycenae House - album launch
 Jan 31 SE7 at Cattleya
 Jan 24 Carols from the Coalfields - feature and interview on the Radio Kent Folk Programme
 Jan 16 New Hartley Memorial Concert, featuring a performance of the Hartley Calamity and other Skipsey Songs
 Jan 10  Morrigan at the Wassail at East Greenwich Pleasaunce

 Dec 20 SE7 at Cattleya
 Dec 17 CCRA Singers carol singing, Charlton
 Dec 14 CCRA Singers carol singing, Charlton
 Dec 13 Morrigan at Twickfolk, main guests
 Dec 11 Morrigan at GFMA Wassail, supporting Martin Carthy
 Dec 9 Accompanist for Charlton Triangle Carol Concert
 Dec 7 Morrigan at Tonbridge Folk Club (ev)
 Dec 7 Morrigan at Polesden Lacy (pm)
 Dec 6 Morrigan at Dickens Festival, Rochester
 Dec 5 CCRA Singers and Band (SE7) at CCRA Christmas Social
 Nov 28 
 Morrigan at Ightham Moat
 Nov 22 SE7 at Cattleya
 Nov 19 GFMA evening: improvisation & accompaniment (bass guitar!)
 Nov 15 Morrigan at St Christopher's Hospice, Sydenham (pm)
 Nov 13 GFMA Poetry & Jazz Night, Charlton House - piano playing, ragtime, jazz & blues
 Oct 25 Carols from the Coalfields - performance at Literary & Philosophical Society, Newcastle
 Oct 18 SE7 at Cattleya
 Oct 13 Muscadin ceilidh
 Oct 5     CCRA Singers at CCRA AGM
 Oct 3 Tenterden Folk Festival - Morrigan featured band at The Vine pub
 Oct 3     Carols from the Coalfields - workshop presentation at Tenterden Folk Festival
 Oct 2 Tenterden Folk Festival - Morrigan featured guests at lunchtime singaround and evening concert
 Sep 26 Muscadin ceilidh, Thornton Heath
 Sep 18 Carols from the Coalfields Volume 2 album launch, GFMA event at Mycenae House, London SE3
 Sep 15 Morrigan at Brandenburg Festival Fringe, Cheshire Cheese, Little Essex Street, London
 Sep 13 SE7 at Cattleya
 Sep 5 Wedding ceilidh, calling / playing, with Morrigan
 Sep 1 McLellan Festival, Isle of Arran: Jam Today improvisation workshops 
 Aug 30 McLellan Festival, Isle of Arran: Performance of Carols from the Coalfields
 Aug 28 McLellan Festival, Isle of Arran: Performance of piano arrangements of Scottish music by William Christie & Robert Mackintosh at an evening to award the poetry competition prize, presented by Simon Armitage
 Jul 26 SE7 at Cattleya
 Jul 11 Carols from the Coalfields concert at the John Clare Festival, Helpston, Northants
 Jul 10 Singing / playing at folk evening as part of John Clare Festival, Helpston
 Jul 4 Muscadin - ceilidh, Tooting
 Jul 4 CCRA Community Day - musical activities during the afternoon
 Jun 27 Muscadin - ceilidh, Greenwich
 Jun 24 Morrigan at Faversham Folk Club (support slot)
 Jun 18 Morrigan at Orpington Folk Club (Change of Horses, Farnborough) - main guests
 Jun 14 SE7 at Cattleya
 Jun 12    Morrigan at Musical Traditions Folk Club (support slot)
 Jun 7 SE7 at Big Lunch, Charlton House
 May 30 Calling for wedding ceilidh, Chelmsford
 May 24 Calling for ceilidh, Blackheath
 May 17 SE7 at Cattleya
 May 14 Morrigan at Otford Folk Club
 May 8 Morrigan at Orpington Friday Folk
 May 3  Morrigan at Man of Kent, Rochester (Sweeps' Festival)
 May 2  Wedding, Hertfordshire - leading ceilidh / leading singing
 Apr 24 Morrigan singing at GFMA St George's Day event, supporting John Kirkpatrick
 Apr 23 Morrigan headlining St George's Day event at Ruskin House, Croydon
 Apr 22 Morrigan at Two Brewers
 Apr 18  Singing with Grand Union World Choir, St John's Church, Bethnal Green
 Apr 12  SE7 at Cattleya
 Apr 3 Morrigan: GFMA Barn Dance at Charlton House
 Mar 26  Carols from the Coalfields at the Poetry Cafe, Covent Garden
 Mar 15 Morrigan at St Christopher's Hospice, Sydenham
 Mar 10 Morrigan at Two Brewers, also featuring performance of some of the Skipsey songs   
 Mar 8  SE7 at Cattleya
 Mar 7  Morrigan at The Cellar Upstairs
 Feb 25   Morrigan at Brandenburg Festival Fringe, Cheshire Cheese, Little Essex Street 
 Feb 17   Morrigan at Two Brewers, also featuring performance of some of the Skipsey songs 
 Feb 11 Carols from the Coalfields, Newcastle Lit & Phil
 Feb 8  SE7 at Cattleya
 Jan 11 Morrigan at Wassail, East Greenwich Pleasaunce
 Jan 8 Morrigan at Loughton Folk Club
 Jan 4 Morrigan at St Christopher's Hospice, Sydenham (pm) and Cheam Folk Club (eve)

 Dec 21 
 Morrigan on Radio Kent
 Dec 18 CCRA Singers Carol Singing
 Dec 18 Playing and leading seasonal singing at Christmas Lunch, Time Court, for Age UK
 Dec 17 Accompanist (piano) for 'A Christmas Carol at Charlton House' Charlton Triangle Homes 
 Dec 15  CCRA Singers Carol Singing 
 Dec 14 Morrigan guest spot at Twickfolk, supporting Les Barker
 Dec 11  GFMA Wassail Night - headlined by Morrigan, with performances from GFMA & CCRA Singers
 Dec 6  CCRA Christmas Social - performances from CCRA Singers and SE7
 Dec 5 
 SE7 at Cattleya: Christmas Party
 Nov 28 CCRA Singers and SE7 performing at fund-raising event for Brain Tumour Research, Charlton 
 Nov 22 Morrigan at Ebola fundraising event for Medicin sans Frontieres
 Nov 14 Muscadin Ceilidh, Ladywell
 Nov 11 GFMS World War I Primary Schools Project: Performance at Charlton House
 Nov 7 CCRA Singers perform at GFMA World War 1 Commemoration event at Charlton House
 Nov 1/2     Singing in Undream'd Shores with the Grand Union Orchestra at Hackney Empire
 Oct 29 Morrigan in the Brandenburg Festival Fringe at The Cheshire Cheese, London WC2
 Oct 26  SE7 at Cattleya, 52 Charlton Church Lane, London SE7 7AB
 Oct 19  Morrigan at Croydon Folk & Blues Club
 Oct 7 Carols from the Coalfields performance, Kingsley Hall, London E3
 Oct 6 CCRA Singers performed at CCRA AGM and social event, Charlton
 Oct 4-5     Morrigan at Tenterden Folk Festival, including a stage performance on the Sunday afternoon
 Sep 21 SE7 at Cattleya
 Sep 21 Carols from the Coalfields CD Launch: Charlton House - GFMA concert headlined by Julie Felix
 Sep 6 Muscadin Celidh: Hartfield Village Fete, E Sussex
 Sep 5     Tall Ships Festival, Victoria Deep Water Terminal: sea songs from me at 3.00; set from Morrigan at 5.00; Morrigan 'busking' instrumentals during the afternoon
 Jul 22 SE7 Ceilidh, Bellingham
 Jul 19     Singing with Grand Union Orchestra at St John's Church, Bethnal Green
 Jul 19 GFMA Singers performance in Charlton
 Jul 14 Carols from the Coalfields: guest night at the Bridge Folk Club, Newcastle
 Jun 29 SE7 at Cattleya
 Jun 22     
 Morrigan at Twickfolk
 Jun 12 Morrigan at Otford Folk Club
 Jun 10 Morrigan at Two Brewers
 Jun 1    SE7 playing at the CCRA Big Lunch in the afternoon, and at Cattleya in the evening.
 May 28 Carols from the Coalfields performance in the Bewick Hall, Newcastle Central Library, as part of Newcastle Libraries heritage month
 May 22 Round the Oak session
 May 13  Morrigan at Two Brewers
 Apr 29  Morrigan performance, Brandenburg Choral Festival Fringe, Covent Garden
 Apr 28  CCRA Spring Social: performances by CCRA Singers and SE7
 Apr 27
 SE7 at Cattleya
 Apr 26  SE7 ceilidh, Charlton
 Apr 25     GFMA St George's Day event (with Martin Carthy) - performances from myself (Carols from the Coalfields) and Morrigan
 Apr 23 Morrigan: guests at St George's Day Celebration, Ruskin House Club, Croydon 
 Mar 22 Morrigan: wedding performance
 Mar 16     SE7 at Cattleya    
 Mar 13     Round the Oak session
 Feb 27 Round the Oak session
 Feb 26 Global Fusion event for Fair Trade fortnight: including performances from GFMA singers, Morrigan and Myself (Carols from the Coalfields)
 Feb 22 SE7 at Ravensbourne Arms, Lewisham
 Feb 17, 19 Input into Grand Union Orchestra workshop programme: singing (Feb 17) and improvisation (Feb 19)
 Feb 13 First 'Round the Oak' session at The British Oak, Blackheath
 Feb 11 Morrigan at Two Brewers
 Feb 9 SE7 at Cattleya
 Feb 4 Carols from the Coalfields performance, Kingsley Hall, Bromley-by-Bow
 Feb 1 Muscadin ceilidh, Tooting
 Jan 13 Bridge Folk Club, Newcastle
 Jan 12 Monkseaton Folk Club
 Jan 11 New Hartley Memorial Concert: performance of Skipsey songs, including The Hartley Calamity
 Jan 5 Morrigan at Wassail event, East Greenwich Pleasaunce


 Dec 19 CCRA Singers carol singing, in aid of Greenwich Young Carers
 Dec 18 Muscadin carol singing, in aid of Cystic Fibrosis
 Dec 16 CCRA Singers carol singing, in aid of Greenwich Young Carers
 Dec 13   GFMA Wassail Night.  Morrigan performed a seasonal set and I stood in as MC for the evening.
 Dec 10 Morrigan at Two Brewers
 Dec 8 SE7 at Cattleya
 Dec 7 CCRA Singers and SE7 at CCRA Christmas Social
 Dec 1 CCRA Singers and SE7 at Woodlands Farm Open Day
 Nov 22  Muscadin ceilidh, Ladywell
 Nov 19 Morrigan at Two Brewers
 Nov 16 Launch of Reaching Out at the Music Mark national conference
 Oct 27 SE7 at Cattleya
 Oct 7 SE7 performing at CCRA AGM
 Oct 6 Morrigan at Tenterden Folk Festival
 Sep 14 Northern Voices event at Earsdon churchyard - performance of The Hartley Calamity and two other Skipsey songs
 Sep 12 Northern Voices special event to mark the 110th anniversary of the death of Joseph Skipsey - performance of Skipsey songs
 Sep 7 Muscadin ceilidh, Hartfield
 Aug 31 Muscadin ceilidh
 Jul 26 Morrigan at Carshalton
 Jul 13 Muscadin ceilidh
 Jun 23 SE7 at Cattleya
 Jun 21 Performance of Skipsey songs at Music & Poetry Evening, St George the Martyr, Borough High Street
 Jun 2 SE7 at CCRA Big Lunch, Charlton Park
 May 19 Piano accompaniment for two silent films at Storyfest, Hartfield
 May 12 SE7 at Cattleya
 May 10 Morrigan, ceilidh for BACP, Meriden
 Apr 22 CCRA singers and SE7 at CCRA social, Charlton
 Apr 21 SE7 at Cattleya
 Apr 19    Morrigan at Charlton House, St George's Day event, supporting Martin Carthy
 Apr 7  Performance (keyboard) of three Thai tunes at the Song Kran (Thai New Year) Festival in Wanstead
 Mar 12 Morrigan at Two Brewers
 Mar 10 SE7 at Cattleya
 Feb 27 Morrigan at Cecil Sharp House
 Feb 12 Morrigan at Two Brewers
 Feb 10   SE7 at Cattleya
 Feb 6 Morrigan at Box Hill
 Jan 30 Morrigan at Cecil Sharp House
 Jan 20 SE7 at Cattleya
 Jan 19   CCRA Singers and SE7 at Help for Heroes charity event, Meridian Sports Club, Charlton
 Jan 16 Presentation of the Northern Voices Joseph Skipsey poetry award and commemoration of Hartley disaster - singing some of the Skipsey songs, including my version of the Hartley Calamity
 Jan 14 Bridge Folk Club, Newcastle, singing some of the Skipsey songs
 Jan 8 Morrigan at Two Brewers
 Jan 6 Morrigan at Wassail event, East Greenwich Pleasaunce


 Dec 20  CCRA Singers carol singing in central Charlton (collecting for Blind Independence Greenwich)
 Dec 17 CCRA Singers carol singing in central Charlton (collecting for Blind Independence Greenwich)
 Dec 14 Wassail Night at Charlton House - including performances from CCRA Singers and Morrigan (7.30 pm)
 Dec 13 CCRA Singers at Woolwich Winter Warmer, General Gordon Square (5.30 pm)
 Dec 12 Morrigan at Cecil Sharp House
 Dec 11 Morrigan at the Two Brewers
 Dec 10 BIG (Blind Independence Greenwich) Christmas Party
 Dec 9 Morrigan at the Stile Bridge, Marden
 Dec 8   CCRA Christmas Social, featuring singers and SE7 band (4.00 - 7.00)
 Dec 2     CCRA Singers at Woodlands Farm Open Day
 Nov 18 SE7 at Cattleya
 Nov 13     Morrigan at Two Brewers, Croydon
 Oct 9 Morrigan at Two Brewers, Croydon
 Oct 7 SE7 at Cattleya
 Sept 15 Ceilidh (as caller with Hoolie), Ascot 
 Sep 13   BIG (Blind Independence Greenwich) folk night, Blackheath 
 Sept 8   Muscadin: ceilidh in Hartfield
 July 22 SE7 at Cattleya
 July 21 Performance by young musicians from the ECaM project to welcome the Olympic Flame to Newham
 July 15 Open mic at Larmer Tree Festival
 July 11 Pianist at coffee morning for Blind Independence Greenwich (B.I.G.)
 July 7 Muscadin: ceilidh in Ealing
 July 4     Open mic at Folkmob, Eltham
 June 28 Accompanist for Hope Augustus, Thamesmead
 June 27 Morrigan at Cecil Sharp House
 June 23 Horn Fayre, Charlton House.  CCRA Singers and SE7 joined the Musical Beacons performance to open the event.  SE7 has its own slot in the afternoon.
 June 12 Morrigan at Two Brewers, Croydon
 June 10 SE7 at Cattleya
 June 4 Ceilidh (as caller with Hoolie), near Tonbridge
 June 3 SE7 play Jubilee street parties in Elliscombe, Delafield and Inverine Roads
 June 2     Ceilidh (as caller with Hoolie), Beaconsfield
 May 20 SE7 play Cattleya
 May 19 SE7 play for CCRA ceilidh
 May 15 Morrigan at Two Brewers, Croydon
 May 12 SE7 play closing item at the Spencer Perceval Concert, St Luke's Church, Charlton
 April 28 CCRA Singers perform at Hope & Anchor, Charlton riverside, for a charity fundraising event, at which I also accompany Hope Augustus
 April 23 CCRA Singers and SE7 perform at CCRA Spring Social
 April 20 Morrigan perform at Charlton House, on a bill which includes Gordon Giltrap and the Mock Tudor Band
 April 18 I sing a selection of Joseph Skipsey songs at Monkseaton Folk Club, Whitley Bay
 April 17 Commemorative event for 180th anniversary of Joseph Skipsey's birth, organised by Keith Armstrong, at which I perform a selection of the songs
 March 13 Morrigan at Two Brewers, Croydon
 March 11 SE7 play Cattleya (first performance there)
 Feb 26 Morrigan perform at The Hope, Carshalton, as part of the local folk festival
 Jan 14-16 Events to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Hartley Pit disaster.  I sing some Skipsey songs at Monkseaton Folk Club.

From 2008-2011, I was a member of the Kittiwakes, with Kate Denny and Jill Cumberbatch.  
The Kittiwakes archive can be found at: