the poems

Joseph Skipsey often amended his poems, so versions in the different collections are not always the same.  Even after publication, he sometimes amended the poems in his own copies of the books. In some cases, he also changed the titles (e.g. The Seaton Terrace Lass began life as The Collier Lass).

The poems include some long poems with numbered sections - The Posy Gift, The Magic Glass, The Golden Bowl, Becky Sharp.  These are listed under their overall titles, but the sections are also listed separately, with the overall title indicated in brackets afterwards.

Joseph Skipsey's published collections are listed below.  The initials on the left indicate how they are referred to in the table below.
             Lyrics, by JS, a coal miner.  Durham: George Procter (1858) (no copies extant)
L           Lyrics, by Joseph Skipsey (2nd edition). Newcastle: Thomas Pigg (1859)
             Poems, Songs and Ballads.  Newcastle: Hamilton & Co (no copy found) (1862)
CL        The Collier Lad and other Songs and Ballads. Newcastle: J G Forster (1864)
P          Poems, by Joseph Skipsey.  Blyth: William Alder (1871)
ML        A Book of Miscellaneous Lyrics, by Joseph Skipsey.  Bedlington: George Richardson (1878)
CC       Carols from the Coal-Fields; and other songs and ballads. London: Walter Scott (1886)
CSB     Carols, Songs and Ballads, by Joseph Skipsey.  London: Walter Scott (1888) (a new, slightly revised, edition of Carols from the Coalfields)
SL        Songs and Lyrics.  London: Walter Scott (1892)

Skipsey's work was also included in anthologies and other publications.  Some of these are listed below.

SMP        Souvenir of Modern Poets: A collection of original and select poetry by living writers.  London: Groombridge & Co (1860)
Title First line Location
Adeline  P
Adon      P
Ah! Canst thou forget? Ah! Canst thou forget the hour when we met      SL
Alas! Alas! The woe the high of heart  CC, CSB, SL
All is vanity From all that I have seen or heard  ML, CC
All night-long All night-long I heard the blast  SL
All things of beauty seek to draw (Posy-Gift) All things of beauty seek to draw  CC, CSB, SL
Angel and the seer, the I have oped the inner vision  ML
Angel mother, the I had a vision of the dear departed  ML, CC, CSB
Annie Coal black are the tresses of Fanny  P, CC, CSB, SL
Annie Lee Annie Lee is fair and sweet  P, CC, CSB, SL
Another stave I'll never rave (Posy-Gift) Another stave I'll never rave  CC, CSB
Appeal, the  CL, P
Arachne I read in an old book the myth  P, ML, CC, CSB
Assurance, the (Magic Glass) Ah dearest dear, what do I hear?  CC, CSB
Away to the fair Away to the fair, my lad did repair  P, CC, CSB
Away to the well

Away to the well lilted Annie  P, CC, CSB, SL
Baloo Baloo, my sweet baby - the blossom!  CC, CSB, SL
Barbara Bell Away to the pic-nic at Ryton away  CC, CSB, SL
Beauty, beware   SMP
Becky Sharp (4-part poem) O, Becky Sharp, dear Becky Sharp!  CC, CSB
Bee and the Rose, the (Magic Glass) You won't! The Rose's accents ring  CC, CSB, SL
Behind the veil (Psychic Poems V in CC) A phantom to me thou appearest  ML, CC
Bereaved One day as I came down by Jarrow  P, ML. CC, CSB
Betsy and Jemmie  CL
Billy Taylor (Golden Bowl) Sweet Billy Taylor went to sea!  CC
Blackbird, the Oh, my wee, wee bonnibell  SL
Blind as the wretch who mock'd my flowers (Posy-Gift) Blind as the wretch who mock'd my flowers  CC, CSB, SL
Bobby, the  CL
Bowl, the (Golden Bowl) Just let the Own of Evil howl  CC, CSB, SL
Breezelet, the Cried Ciss to the breeze, as under the trees  CC, CSB, SL
Bridal Gift, the Last night at the fair I met light-footed Polly  CC, CSB, SL
Broken spell, the Come sing me the song that once gilded my gloom  CC, CSB, SL
Brooklet, the A little brooklet trilled a song  CC, CSB, SL
Bubble-blowing From the pipe-end off it glides  CC, CSB
Bugle-horn, the (Magic Glass) O. The bugle-horn I heard last night  CC, CSB
Butterfly, the

The butterfly from flower to flower  CC, CSB, SL
Carl Care  CL
Charmer, the A song in devotion I song to my Annie  CC, CSB, SL
Charity      SMP
Childe Rowland  CL
Cloud, the (Magic Glass) A cloud the valley domes, and down  CC, CSB
Cold look, the He look'd so cold when last we met  SL
Collier lad, the My lad he is a Collier Lad  CL, P, ML, CC, CSB, SL
Collier lass, theMy love in Seaton Terrace dwells CL, ML, CC, CSB, SL (title: The Seaton Terrace Lass in 4 later collections)
Come, let me smell thee, lily-bell (Posy-Gift) Come, let me smell thee, lily-bell  CC, CSB, SL
Come over the burn  CL
Come, pretty flowers, and drink my tears (Posy-Gift) Come, pretty flowers, and drink my tears  CC, CSB, SL
Consolation (Becky Sharp) Sweet Becky Sharp, sweet Beck, upon  CC, CSB
Crinoline, the  CL
Critics, the (Golden Bowl) I like the darling critics - like?  CC, CSB, SL
Cruel Anna Little Anna, cruel elf  CC (title: Persecuted), CSB, SL
Crushed aspirer, the O, My Spirit, art thou vanquished?  P, CC, CSB
Cry for Poland, a How long shall injustice prevail?  P, ML, CC
Curtsey, the

She dropt a curtsey as she went  SL
Daffodil and (the) daisy Deck'd in a many gems of morn  CC, CSB, SL
Dame Malice (Golden Bowl) Dame Malice reigns the Queen of hags  CC, CSB, SL
Dance, the Met we in the festal hall  P, CC, CSB, SL
Darling, the Misfortune is a darling, ever  CSB, SL
Dearest dearDearest dear, when I am near thee L; SMP
Dearest maiden  P
DeathDeath is fearful! - say not so L; SMP
Death of Cleopatra, the I go - from all earth can give, riven  CC, CSB
Delightful babe Delightful babe! To still that tune  SL
Dewdrop, the Ah be not vain.  In on flower-bell  CC, CSB, SL
Ditty, the (Becky Sharp) O, Becky Sharp, dear Becky Sharp!  CC, CSB
Dolly Dare At Backworth sung till echo rung  CL, P, CC, CSB, SL
Dora Dee There's not a may in Ellerton  CC, CSB, SL
Downfall of Mammon, the (Psychic Poems II in CC) (or The Poet's Dream) The baleful era of King Gold has vanished  ML, CC
Dreaded frown, the What, on yon noble brow a frown  SL
Dream, the

I dream of thee, and o'er me glows  SL
Echo, the (Magic Glass) Adieu! She cried, and with that cry  CC, CSB, SL
Elf, the If thou wilt persist to ponder  SL
Ellerton Willy If Ellerton Willy be slighted by Lilly!  SL
Enchanted Cup, the   CL
Error, an I never said my verse you mock'd  CC, CSB
Extreme kindness (Golden Bowl) When I would laugh a little at  CC, CSB, SL
Fact, a Now Gladstone's party bears the bell  ML, CC (title: The Parties)
Fair, the  CL, P
Fair rower, the (Magic Glass) She took the oars and rowed along  CC, CSB, SL
Fair thief, the (Magic Glass) The sweet one smiled, then swept away  CC, CSB, SL
Fairies' adieu, the Our revels now are ended, so good night, so good night  CC, CSB, SL
FameDeep, deep must you dig in the earth, ere you come  L
Fanny   P 
Fatal Dance, the   CL
Fatal errand, the My mother bade me go.  I went  CC, CSB, SL

Would I could to freedom awaken a song  ML
Get up Get up, the caller calls, get up  P, ML, CC, CSB, SL
Go, Musie, go! You like, I know (Posy-Gift) Go, Musie, go! You like, I know  CC, CSB, SL
Goal, the My golden goal lies at the end  SL
Golden bird, the I will not hear one cruel word  SL
Golden Bowl, the  Just let the Own of Evil howl  CC, CSB, SL
Golden lot, a In the coal-pit, or the factory  P, CC, CSB, SL
Guardian angel, the (Psychic Poems X in CC)

I'm the spirit Emmalina, thy guardian angel, and  ML, CC
Ha, ha! At last you're fettered fast / Ola! Yet phantom lad (Posy-Gift) Ha, ha! At last you're fetter'd fast  CC, CSB, SL
Ha, ha! Last night I served you right (Posy-Gift) Ha, ha! Last night I served you right  CC, CSB, SL
Hag night (Golden Bowl) La, what a night! The hag has sworn  CC, CSB, SL
Hartley Calamity, the The Hartley men are noble, and  CL, P, ML, CC, CSB
Haunted Little Anna, young and fair  ML, CC, CSB, SL (title: Little Anna in the 3 later collections)
He giggled at the thought, and had (Posy-Gift) He giggled at the thought, and had  CC, CSB
Hell broth, the The devil and the devil's brood  P, ML, CC, CSB
Her weary hand Her weary hand the needle plied  SL
Hey Robin

Hey Robin, jolly Robin  L, P, CC, CSB, SL; SMP
I'm a-weary I'm a-weary with care, I'm a-weary with care  L, P, CC, CSB
In the wild grove In the wild grove we wander'd  SL
Inner conflict, the (Psychic Poems VIII in CC) Thrice "Io Paean!" let me cry  ML, CC
Inner Harp, the (Magic Glass) The memories of moments flown  CC, CSB, SL
Invitation, an   CL, P
Io Paean

Triumphant o'er trouble, triumphant o'er pain  ML, CC, CSB
Jack the rover (Golden Bowl) My brother Jack the Rover, Sir!  CC
Jemmie McKye  CL
Jemmy stops lang at the fair Oh dear! what can the matter be  L
Just so (Golden Bowl) Just let the Own of Evil howl  CC, CSB, SL
Just the way (Golden Bowl)

Was ever wretch in such a plight?  CC, CSB, SL
Kit Clark Meg Miller skipt over to Horton  CC, CSB, SL
Kit never went down No, Kit never went down into Halliwell town  SL
Kitten, the
Misfortune is a kitten, clearly  CSB, SL
Knight's choice, the

Lad of Bebside, the My heart is away with the lad of Bebside  L, P, CC, CSB, SL
Lass of Willington Dene, the At Willington Dene dwells a winsome girl  L
Let England beware Let England beware, ere for war we declare  ML
Lethal dart, the I tremble like a wind-blown leaf  SL
Life and death Oh, what is Life? A magic night  CC, CSB, SL
Lilly and Willy If Ellerton Willy be slighted by Lilly!  CC, CSB
Lily and the Rose, the   P
Lily of the valley, the This Lily of the Valley smells  SL
Lines   P
Lines on hearing of the downfall of Sebastopol   P
Little Anna Little Anna, young and fair  ML (title: Haunted), CC, CSB, SL
Lo! Never a man Lo! Never a man since the world began  SL
Lo, a fairy Lo, a fairy on a day  P, ML, CC, CSB, SL
Lo, the day Lo the day begins to rise  CC, CSB, SL
Lost at the fair Last night at the fair did I lose thee, my honey  CC, CSB, SL
Lotty Hay As I came down from Earsdon Town  CC, CSB, SL
Love without hope The glory of her charms I felt  ML, CC, CSB, SL
Love's absurdity Alack-a-day! how love will cavil L
Lucky hour, the (Magic Glass) The fickle Moon has left the skies  CC, CSB, SL
Lullaby, a

Thro' the dark and dreary night  CL, P, CC, CSB, SL
Magic glass, the  The memories of moments flown  CC, CSB, SL
Maiden with the dark brown hairWilted is the leaf, and blown  L; SMP 
Mary of Crofton Ah! A lovely Jewel was Mary of Crofton  P, CC, CSB, SL
May Gunild, the  CL, CC, CSB, SL (title: The Stained Lily in the 3 later collections)
Meg Goldlocks Ye've heard of Meg Goldlocks of Willington Dene?  CC, CSB, SL
Merry bee, the A golden bee a-cometh  SL
Minstrel, the (Magic Glass) Ah, deem not when thy minstrel tunes  CC, CSB, SL
Misfortune Away with the muses of frolic! - away  ML, CC, CSB
Mission, the (Psychic Poems IV in CC) I have oped my inner vision  MK, CC
Modest maid, the O, could I a garland braid  P, CC, CSB; SMP
Moth, the To-night a gilded moth took wing  CC, CSB, SL
Mother wept Mother wept and father sighed  P, ML, CC, CSB, SL
Music I listen to the accents of the silver corded harp  MK, CC, CSB
My little boy My little boy, the laughter  CC, CSB, SL
My loved one My loved one appears  CC, CSB
My merry bird I had a merry bird  L, P, CC, CSB, SL
My shoulder you pat My shoulder you pat! What would you be at?  SL
My song must end; and now I'll send (Posy-Gift) My song must end; and now I'll send   CC
Mysterious rider, the Upon a steed he came with speed  CC, CSB, SL
Mystic lyre, the Heaven-gifted was the mortal, thrice-illumin'd by heaven's own fire  ML, CC, CSB
Nanny   P
Nanny to Bessy Eleven long winters departed  ML, CC, CSB
Nil desperandum Why thus mourn o'er star-hopes faded?  ML
No longer be downhearted No longer be downhearted, love  L
No more roses! No more roses! He that's gone  SL
Not as wont We'll meet no more as wont! She said  SL
Not jealous (Golden Bowl) I jealous? Pooh! - Doth not her eyes  CC
Not the bird (Golden Bowl) He's not the bird I took him for  CC, CSB, SL
O! Sleep O sleep, my little baby; thou  SL
O, dear, dear, dear! What shall I do / ensue? (Posy-Gift) O, dear, dear, dear! What shall I do?  CC, CSB, SL
Oh! My spirit Oh! my spirit are thou vanquished  L; SMP
Old story, an The stars above are shining  CSB
Omega Wrapt in fancy by a river  ML, CC, CSB
On Bardon Hill Oh! I think, think still, how, on Bardon Hill  SL
On hearing a girl sing   P
On seeing a beggar believed A tenfold blessing on his head  L
Once more shall our standard Once more shall our standard, unfurled  L
Once more, sweet Muse, a fancy choose (Posy-Gift) Once more, sweet Muse, a fancy choose  CC, CSB, SL
One fancy kicks another's heel (Posy-Gift) One fancy kicks another's heel  CC, CSB, SL
One solace, the (Magic Glass) I might have wish'd it otherwise  CC, CSB, SL
Oracle, the The vision will vanish for ever  CC, CSB, SL
Outcast flower, the You turn in disdain from me? I suppose / You turn up your nose at me? I suppose

Parties, the Now Gladstone's party bears the bell  ML (title: A Fact), CC
Pearl, the (Magic Glass) Unknit that brow; the day too soon  CC
Persecuted Little Anna, cruel elf  ML, CC, CSB, SL (title: Cruel Anna in the three later collections)
Petition, the (Golden Bowl) Dear critics, pray, what have I done  CC, CSB, SL
Poet's Dream, the The baleful era of King Gold has vanished  ML, CC (The Downfall of Mammon)
Polly and Harry Merry, lark-like merry  P, CC, CSB, SL
Poor Rose Beware! Yon bird now in glee on the bough  CC, CSB
Posy-gift, the  You quite mistake the sprite you chase  CC, CSB, SL
Power of love, the   P
Precious pearl, the (Becky Sharp) Dear Becky Sharp, you lovely girl!  CC, CSB
Proud one's doom, the Queen Pearl's own equal - nay  CC, CSB, SL
Psychic Poems (set of ten)

 CC, and appear separately in other volumes)
Question, the

What can he ail? I hear them ask  ML, CC, CSB, SL
Reign of gold, the It sounded in castle and palace  P, ML, CC, CSB
Remembrance, a I stray 'neath a moon  SL
Resolve, the In trumpet-toned accents I heard  CC, CSB
Return, the (Magic Glass) Can this be her? Her dark eyes show  CC, CSB, SL
Riddle Read, the (Psychic Poems III in CC) I thank my God I ever lived to see the blessed day  ML, CC
Right thing, the (Golden Bowl) When Day once stirs, her locks of gold  CC, CSB, SL
Ring, the Tis dead of night.  Within a cloud  ML, CC, CSB
Robin redbreast Tis little Robin Redbreast  CC, CSB
Rosa Rea The sun is in the western sky  ML, CC, CSB, SL
Rose of the roses, the O the rose, of the roses the glory  SL
Rose's complaint, the (Magic Glass) You naughty Bee! The Red Rose said  CC
Ruin, the The bitter wind blows o'er the desolate world  P, CL, CC, CSB
Rumour (Golden Bowl) Elf Rumour? Ay, the airy fay  CC, CSB, SL
Rydal trip, the Dear Willie, now the March hath blown  SL
Seaton Terrace lass, the My love at Seaton Terrace dwells  CL (title: The Collier Lass), ML, CC, CSB, SL
Secret, the (Magic Glass) The wind comes from the west to-night  CC, CSB, SL
See, Essie goes! See, Essie goes! - and thou, proud rose  SL
Seen and the Unseen, the (Magic Glass) They cry, "How light, the heart and bright  CC, CSB, SL
Seer, the Would I could waken numbers, brighter, sweeter  ML, CC, CSB
She cannot boast  CL
She is not fashioned She is not fashioned to command  CC, CSB
Silent bird, the What wonder if sad  SL
Singer, the What tho', in bleak Northumbria's mines  SL
Slighted Ah me! My heart is like to break  ML, CC, CSB
Slippers, the Two slippers in the morning red  SL
Social glass, the Come filll up the glass, and tho' never  P (title: 'The Toper's Song'), CC
Soldier to his mistress, theThough far from thee I go, love  L
Song  SMP
Songstress, the The dearest accents ever heard  CC, CSB
Songstress, the (Magic Glass) Back flies my soul to other years  CC, CSB, SL
Soul's hereafter, the (Psychic Poems VII in CC) Dies not the soul when dust to dust is given  ML, CC
Spell, the Love's a pleasure, love's a treasure  P, CC, CSB, SL
Stained lily, the When first the maiden fair I eyed  CL (title: The May Gunild), CC, CSB, SL
Stanzas The hopes that allured me  ML, CC, CSB, SL
Star and the meteor, the Directed by a little star  CC, CSB, SL
Stars are twinkling, the The stars are twinkling in the sky  ML, CC, CSB, SL
Steeds and their riders (Golden Bowl) Don't spur us so: you'll ever find  CC, CSB, SL
Summer breezelet, the Not now shall I sing of my sports in Spring  CC, CSB
Sun has gon down, the The sun has gone down in the west  L; SMP
Sympathy In despite of the cold and the gloom  ML, CC, CSB
Syren, the (Magic Glass) Her harp she takes, from string to string  CC, CSB
Theft, the Perfidious damsel, with thy dazzling eyes  P, CC, CSB
These flowers that so reflect the grace (Posy-Gift) These flowers that so reflect the grace  CC, CSB, SL
These gems of grace unutterable (Posy-Gift) These gems of grace unutterable  SL
These jewels left her very hand (Posy-Gift) These jewels left her very hand  CC, CSB
These lovely blooms, their rich perfumes (Posy-Gift) These lovely blooms, their rich perfumes  CC, CSB, SL
Thistle and nettle Twas on a night with sleet and snow  P, ML, CC, CSB, SL
Though master had gold Tho' master had gold and treasures untold  SL
Thought toiler, the (Psychic Poems IX in CC) A thought toiler, faint and o'ercome by his labours  ML, CC
Three maidens, the A knight right bold rode over the wold  P, CC, CSB
Time hath been, the The time hath been when they have laugh'd  SL
Tis quite a treat, as singer knows (Posy-Gift) Tis quite a treat, as singer knows  CC, CSB, SL
Tit-for-tat Say, whither goes my buxom maid  CC, CSB, SL
To ...  SMP
To a castaway I pity thee, poor castaway  L; SMP
To a girl on hearing her sing Oh chant again that theme, sweet girl  L
To a startled bird Fly not away, wee birdie pray!  CC, SL
To a young lady Too lovely art thou to behold  L
To Eliza Eliza dear! my thoughts delight  L; SMP
To my sweetheart Hark! hark to you, my maiden, hark!  L
To Sara (during illness) Say, say, my dear Sara; what causeth that tear  L
To W R [1] O Wily Willie Reay, I've read  SL
To W R [2] To you, on you, my Willy Reay  SL
Toast, the I'm as loyal a subject as Britain can boast  CC, CSB, SL
Toast, the (Becky Sharp) Best Becky Sharp, pray do not carp  P, CC, CSB
Too true (Golden Bowl) Truth's words are oft so very true  CC, CSB, SL
Toper's Song, the Come, pass round the goblet! though never  L, CC (title: The Social Glass); air - Rossen the Bow
Tower, the (Magic Glass / Golden Bowl) My wee, wee fawn, you see me yawn?  CC, CSB, SL
Truth is in the maiden's heart Truth is in the maiden's heart  L
LLTwo hazel eyes Was ever bard in such pitiful plight?  P, CC, CSB, SL
Two mirrors, the (Magic Glass) Shw took the wood thro' which she sung  CC
Two visions, the (Magic Glass) A golden sun went down to-night  CC, CSB, SL (in SL only as part of the Magic Glass)
Two-fold surprise, the (Magic Glass) She snapt her fingers, on her heel  CC
Uncle Bob Uncle Bob sat on the settle  CC, CSB
Uncouth things (Golden Bowl) I hate outlandish things, and own  CC, CSB, SL
Undeceived Secire within his citadel, my heart  CC, CSB
Unforgotten one, the

Too lovely art thou to behold  P, ML
Verses   P
Violet and the rose, the The Violet invited my kiss  L' P, ML, CC, CSB, SL; SMP
Vision, the I saw but once that lovely one  CC, CSB
Vision has vanished, the   P
Vital spark, the (Psychic Poems I in CC) Bewildered by Life's Gordian Knot, long o'er me  ML, CC
Wanton and her victims, the   P
What else? (Golden Bowl) You little like the sonnet? You?  CC
What fancies throng into the mind (Posy-Gift) What fancies throng into my mind  CC, CSB, SL
What is man? (Psychic Poems VI in CC ) / Man, what is he What is man? The question floweth  ML, CC
What! To nowhere? What! To nowhere? Ho, ho! That's to where I too go   SL
What's happened, Sue? (a sketch drawn on February 15)What a change has come over young Susie  L
Willy and Jinny / Willy to Jinny Duskier than the clouds that lie  P, CC, CSB, SL
Willy to Lily Must all the passion which I've strove  ML
Wilted Leaf, the Wilted is the leaf, and blown  P, CC, CSB, SL
Wind-bag, the He praised my eyes, so bright and black  SL
Witch-glass, the (Golden Bowl) A syren, with her mirror bright  CC, CSB, SL
With common sense one might dispense (Posy-Gift) With common sense one might dispense  CC
With loaded dice Well, thou with loaded dice hast won  SL
Wonder-bound They'd told me he was hoar and old  CC, CSB
Word of good cheer, a Why thus mourn o'er star-hopes faded? L, P, CC; SMP
Wounded bird, the

Why thus ever on the wing?  SL
Wrapt in fancy   P
Yes and no What "Yes," then "No"? Thou hast in haste  SL
You quite mistake the sprite you chase (Posy-Gift) You quite mistake the sprite you chase  CC, CSB, SL
Young Fanny A change hath come over young Fanny  CC, CSB, SL