Polly and Harry

Polly and Harry appeared in the collections of 1871, 1886 and 1888.

Like the lark so merry
At the break of day
Polly meeteth Harry
Coming down the way
And her lips they quiver
When her eyes discover
Harry’s smiles that give her
Hope throughout the day.

Merry, blythe and merry
Neath the noontide ray
Polly meeteth Harry
Coming up the way
And his words they put her
Poor heart in a flutter
And no tongue can utter
What her looks betray.

Polly still is merry
At the close of day
That’s when she sees Harry
Kissing Elly Gray
And when this she spieth
All her laughter dieth
And her poor heart crieth
Woe and well-a-day

Polly’s found another
Man to be her beau
What she saw in Harry
She will never know
Now she’s going steady
And they’re getting ready
For a summer wedding
She’s a happy lass.

As for faithless Harry,
Elly turned him down
Because he tried it on
With all the girls around
Now he is regretting
He did so much messing
Can he learn his lesson?
Only time will tell.