Music Education

including 'JAM TODAY' workshops on creative approaches to learning and teaching.

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including the full set of 'CLEVER STICKS' resources for whole-class music-making.

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including arrangements for instrumental groups

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Examples of workshops:

Music in the community
GFMA Singing Group
CCRA singing & instrumental music groups
Dementia Carers' Greenwich 'Singing Together'
Alzheimers Society singing sessions
Hackney Community Orchestra
Folk choir workshops at Tenterden Folk Festival and Leith Hill PLace

Music in schools
GFMA singing workshops in primary schools
Folk music workshops in schools (as part of outreach for Tenterden Folk Festival)

Teaching music in the primary school; emphasis on creativity and cross-curricular working.
Music-making with 'hard to reach' children and young people
Improvisation and creative approaches to music teaching

Christopher Harrison,
2 Jul 2012, 03:34