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A Toi (Love Song / Liebeslied). Composed by Percy Elliott

Pub. Schott & Co, 1913

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A la Bien Aimee 
(Valse, Op 59 No 2)  Composed by Eduard Schutt

Pub. Simrock, Berlin, 1897

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    Absent-Minded Beggar (The) (March, on the celebrated song)  Composed by Arthur Sullivan

    Pub. Enoch & Sons, 1899

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The Absent-Minded Beggar was a poem written in 1899 by Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) as part of an appeal by the Daily Mail to raise money for soldiers fighting in the Boer War (1899-1902).  Sullivan was approached to set it to music, which he did in four days, in November 1899.  The illustration on the cover is A Gentleman in Khaki by Richard Caton Woodville Jr (1856-1927) painted specially to support the appeal.

Abyssinian Expedition (The) (Descriptive Piano Solo) Composed by John Pridham, with violin & cello arranged by Geo H Farnell.

Pub. Banks Music House, 1932     [The original piece was composed in 1868]

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The British Expedition to Abyssinian took place in 1867-8.  Emperor Tewodros (known to the British as Theodore) of Ethiopia had imprisoned some missionaries and two British government representatives, having failed to persuade the British government to send him military support against his adversaries at home, where his position was increasingly precarious.  The British sent an expedition under Sir Robert Napier which besieged Tewodros in his fortress of Magdala.  As the British captured the fortress, Tewodros committed suicide rather than face captivity.

Adeste Fideles with variations for the pianoforte by W E Tipper.

Pub. R. Jackson & Co., 46 Rye Lane, Peckham, London SE. (n.d.)

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Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful): tune attributed to John Francis Wade (1711-86) who published it in 1751.  

Air de Ballet for the pianoforte, composed by Louis Pearson, Mus. Bac.

Pub. E Harrison & Co, Music Publishers, Halifax (1924)

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Album Leaves (No 1): Waltz in F; Dance in G.  Composed by F W Davenport

Pub. William Reeves, 83 Charing Cross Road, London WC

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Album Leaves (No 3): Prelude in G; Melody in G.  Composed by F W Davenport

Pub. William Reeves, 83 Charing Cross Road, London WC

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Alla Capriccio for the pianoforte (Op 36).  Composed by Orlando A Mansfield

Pub. A M Heller & Co, 18 Wells Street, Oxford Street, London W1

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Allemande, Gavotte & Musette - from Suite, opus 1, composed by Eugen D'Albert

Pub. Bote & G. Bock, Berlin

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 Amazon Galop    Composed by Karl Buller

 Probably published by Jullien & Co, London

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Amour Tendre  Composed by Jean Douste

Pub. Edwin Ashdown, 19 Hanover Square, London W (1916)

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'Jean Douste' appears to be one of many pseudonyms used by Charles Arthur Rawlings (c1856-1919).  Others include Theo Bonheur, Faulkner Brandon, Gordon Temple, Maurice Telma, Paul Perrier, Emerson James, Auguste Cons, Dennis Duprez, Oscar Verne and Gilbert Loewe.

    Arlette (Selection)  Operetta with music by Guy Le Feuvre & Ivor Novello

    Pub. B Feldman & Co, 2, 3 & 4 Arthur Street, new Oxford Street, London WC2 (1917)

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    Arlette was an operetta first produced in France in 1904, with libretto by Claude Ronald and L. Bouvet and music by Jane Vieu (1871-1955),     a French composer who also composed under the pseudonym Pierre Valette.  It was produced in England in 1917, adapted by Austen             Hurgon and George Arthurs with additional songs by Guy Le Feuvre and Ivor Novello (who contributed seven songs) and lyrics by Adrian         Ross and Clifford Grey (1887-1941).

As You Were (Selection)  Music composed by Herman Darewski
Includes the songs: 
Helen of Troy; Two Little Bits of Greece; I Didn't 'Arf Larf; If You Could Care; Old Man Adam; Potsdam; Make Up; Live for All You're Worth; What Ho, Mr Watteau; Fritzy; They Shall Never Pass.

Pub. Herman Darewski Music Publishing Co (St Swithin's Syndicate), 142 Charing Cross Road, London WC2 (1918)

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As You Were was an English version of the Paris revue Plus ca change by 'Rip' originally created at the Theatre Michel in1915. The English version opened at the Pavilion Theatre on 3 August 1918 and featured new songs by Herman Darewski. It starred Hayden Coffin (1862-1935) and Alice Delysia (Alice Henriette Lapize, 1889-1979) and was produced  by Sir Charles Blake Cochran (1872-1951), a Theatre Manager responsible for many productions including a number of Noel Coward musicals. 

At Bideford Fair.  Suite of 6 piano pieces composed by Ernest Newton to rhymes by Gilbert Forsyth

Pub. W Paxton & Co Ltd, 95 New Oxford St, London WC1

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At Parting    Composed by Harry Farjeon, Op 11 No 7 (dedicated to C.F.J.)

Published by Augener & Co, 199 Regent Street & 6 New Burlington Street, London W. (1905)

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At Parting   (En Partant) Composed by Albert Kussner, Op 12

Published by Bosworth & Co Ltd, 8 Heddon Street, Regent Street, London W1 (1912)

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Aubade (Valse Lente)    Composed by Leon du Terrail

Published by W Paxton, 95 New Oxford Street, London WC (n.d.)

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Avril (Chansonnette pour piano)   Composed by Maurice Telma (1906)

Published by J H Larway, 14 Wells Street, Oxford Street, London W1

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