This poem appears in the collections of 1878, 1886 and 1888.

My heart is sore and like to break
The envied rose upon my cheek
That once did blossom now is bleak
Since he has slighted me.

A very shadow lone and pale
I unheard my lot bewail
While he listens to another’s tale
And has no ear for me.

I dreamed last night to me he came
A blush was on his cheek for shame
He took my hand, he breathed my name
He spoke kind words to me. 

The vision fled and I was left
Alone to ponder my distress
And mourn a life of hope bereft
By his false vows to me. 

He’ll rue that e’er he wronged me so
Yet were my woe a greater woe
I would not do by him, oh no
As he has done by me.