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Latest CDs: Carols from the Coalfields Vol 3; The Banks of the Deveron; 
Dark Days or Fine (Morrigan)
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Events in April & May:

Apr 6: GFMA tribute to Martin Luther King
Apr 8: Greenwich Blues Band, Woolwich
Apr 20: Solo performance at GFMA St George's Day evening
Apr 22: SE7 at Cattleya
Apr 23: Morrigan at Brandenburg Fringe Festival
Apr 27: Morrigan at Memorial Concert, Tenterden
May 2: Morrigan - Vaughan Williams workshop / performance, Leith Hill Place
May 6 & 7 (daytime): Morrigan at Sweeps Festival, Rochester
May 6 (evening): Greenwich Blues Band, Woolwich
May 12: Muscadin Ceilidh, Wincheslsea
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The site is organised into three main areas:
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details of workshops and teaching resources
a collection of sheet music and recordings
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Skipsey awards, January 2013

     SE7 at Inverine Road Jubilee party

        Playing Together Day, Newham

Joseph Skipsey 180th anniversary event

 singing workshop,Shrewsbury Folk Festival

Kittiwakes at Leigh Folk Festival

Morrigan: Wassail Night poster

Morrigan: St George's Day 2013 flier

Undream'd Shores, Nov 2014